High fidelity quantum state control
The application of quantum technology is based on the realization of quantum state control with high fidelity. As the fidelity of quantum state control is directly related to the precision of quantum metrology and the gate fidelity of quantum computation. We developed a high-precision pulse generator(ASG) and arbitrary waveform generator(AWG), which can realize low-noise, high-efficiency, and fast coherent quantum control. It has important applications in various quantum systems, including spin defects, quantum dot, ion trap, superconducting qubits, and so on.
High sensitivity magnetometry
The precise detection of the magnetic field has applications in compassing, magnetic anomaly detection, mineral exploration, military security, biological and medical research. With the superior sensitivity of the NV center magnetometer, we can realize extremely accurate and non-invasive magnetic field detection. NV center magnetometer has high magnetic sensitivity, high spatial resolution, wide frequency bandwidth, and reliable stability under extreme conditions such as low temperature, high pressure, and high magnetic field.
Microwave transceiver technology
Microwave transceiver system is one of the key components of EPR spectrometer. To a great extent, the performance of microwave transceiver system determines the flexibility, the sensitivity, and the stability of spectrometer. Through years of efforts, CIQTEK has accumulated rich experience in low noise microwave sources technology, microwave pulse generation technology, solid state power amplifier technology, low noise signal detection technology and other aspects, making the microwave transceiver system of EPR spectrometer at the leading level in the industry.
EPR resonator
Resonator is a dedicated technology in EPR spectrometer. CIQTEK provides a variety of resonators to suit your application need.
High quality scanning diamond probe
Detecting the magnetic field distribution of semiconductors, magnetic materials, superconductors, and other emerging materials is an important means to study the properties and recover the underlying mechanism. The magnetic imaging technique enabled by the diamond quantum probe provides a new way to measure magnetic fields with high spatial resolution and excellent sensitivity. This scanning NV magnetometer can not only probe magnetic materials but also have many important applications in the field of health and care, such as the mechanism research, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

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