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Quantum Diamond Single Spin Spectroscopy
Optical Detection Magnetic Resonance (ODMR)

Diamond II

CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Single Spin Spectroscopy is a quantum experimental platform based on nitrogen-vacancy center (N-V center or NV center) spin magnetic resonance. By controlling basic physical quantities such as optics, electricity, and magnetism, it implements quantum manipulation and readout of NV center in diamond.
Compared with traditional paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance, it has the advantages that the initial state is the pure quantum state, long spin-quantum coherence time, powerful quantum manipulation, and intuitive results of quantum collapse experiments.
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High-quality diamond probe fabrication, including the

growth of ultra-pure diamond, ion injection, and micro-nano

processing process, mastering the core process of preparing

coherence time and high stability diamond quantum sensors.

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Ultra-high spatial resolution for quantum precision measurement

of the magnetic field, electric field, and temperature

at the nanometer scale.

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High-fidelity quantum state manipulation.

With 50 picosecond time precision broadband high-power

microwave modulation components to achieve low-noise,

efficient and fast quantum coherent manipulation of spin.

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Long unattended experiments can be conducted.

Intelligent control software and signal acquisition system, including

automatic experiment of color center,

automatic calibration of the optical path,

automatic adjustment of the magnetic field, etc.

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Applications in Spectral Analysis and Structural Analysis
CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Single Spin Spectroscopy can be applied to the analysis of the structure and function of biological macromolecules, single-molecule imaging, subcellular imaging, cell sorting, etc., and the measurement scale spans the order of nanometers to micrometers.
- Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) for Single Protein and Single Molecule
EPR (ESR) spectroscopy of individual protein molecules at ambient conditions was studied by analyzing the interaction between the NV center and external electron spins. The measurement of materials at the nanoscale or even at a single spin level can obtain information hidden by a statistical average of the ensemble, to understand the structure and properties of materials more fundamentally.
ciqtek-quantum-diamond-single-spin-spectroscopy-application-EPR for Single Protein and Single Molecule
- Nanoscale Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
In the field of single molecular NMR, rapid progress has been made in recent years. In 2016, NMR spectra of individual proteins were obtained using this technique. With the development of technology, the resolution of the chemical shift has been dramatical-ly improved. The resolution of 1 Hz (sample volume: picoliter) can be achieved, and NMR at a single cell scale can be realized.
ciqtek-quantum-diamond-single-spin-spectroscopy-application-Nanoscale Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
- Detection of Temperature, Magnetic Field, Action Potential in Living Cells
The application of NV center in diamond nanoparticles to track living cells in real time can achieve nanoscale local temperature measurement, so as to monitor local temperature changes in active states such as cancer cells and feedback their physiological conditions.The application of NV color centers to detect the action potentials of single neurons in worms has laid a foundation for the application of this technology in the field of neuroscience. The magnetic field imaging of magnetotactic bacteria is realized by applying the magnetic properties of NV centers.
ciqtek-quantum-diamond-single-spin-spectroscopy-application-Nanoscale Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Applications in Quantum Computing
- Quantum Computing
Quantum computing refers to the use of quantum mechanical phenomena to study computing systems to perform data operations.
- Diamond NV Centers as Qubits
The NV center spin in diamond can be initialized, manipulated and read out with high efficiency atambi-entconditions, and has long coherence time, which is an ideal qubit.
- Quantum Computing Application Examples
◆ High Fidelity Quantum Control
The microwave pulse can be used to control the flipof the spin state of the NV center to form a quantum gate. The operation fidelity of the single-qubit quantum gate can reach 99.99 % through a sophisticated design of the pulse sequence. This is the current record of single-qubit quantum gate fidelity and reaches a fault tolerance threshold.
◆ Quantum Algorithm
Quantum algorithm uses many fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, such as quantum superposition, parallelism, entanglement, measurement collapse, etc. These physical properties bring great help to the improve-ment of computational efficiency and form a brand-new computational mode - quantum algorithm. D - J algorithm and large number factorization algorithm were demonstrated using NV center, which is an essential step towards realizing room temperature quantum computer
◆ Quantum Error Correction
No matter in classical computation or quantum computation, errors are always inevitable. In classical information processing, codingis often used to reduce the probability of error. Similarly, in quantum computation, the probability of error occurrence can also be reduced through quantum error correction. Electron spins in diamond can be operated quickly, while nuclear spins have longer coherence time. The hybrid system consisting of electronic spin and nearby nuclear spin is used to demonstrate the quantum error correction process, which is a crucial step towards the scalability of quantum computation.
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