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Quantum Sensor - Scanning NV Magnetometer

Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope (QDAFM, NV-AFM)

Diamond III

CIQTEK QDAFM is a scanning NV center microscope based on diamond nitrogen-vacancy center (NV center) and AFM scanning magnetic imaging technology. The magnetic properties of the sample are obtained quantitatively and non-destructively by quantum control and readout of the spin state in the diamond probe.
Based on the NV diamond magnetometry and quantum mechanics, QDAFM has nanoscale spatial resolution and ultra-high detection sensitivity and can be used to develop and study magnetic textures, high-density magnetic storage, and spintronics.
* There are two versions: ambient version and cryogenic version.
High quality diamond probe

High quality NV diamond tip

Quantitatively non-invasive magnetic imaging

Quantitatively non-invasive magnetic imaging

High spatial resolution~ 10 nm

Ultra-high spatial resolution 10-30 nm

High magnetic field sensitivity ~1 uT/(Hz1/2)

Ultra-high sensitivity 

< 2μT/√Hz

 Compatible with both ambient conditions and low temperature high vacuum

Support ambient and low temperature high vacuum conditions

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CIQTEK QDAFM spectrometer has extensive applications in many research fields, such as quantum science, chemicals, materials science, biological, medical treatment, etc.
Cellular Imaging In Situ
The in situ measurement of the distribution and imaging of biomolecules within cells is one of the fundamental goals of life science. Among various imaging techniques, the magnetic imaging (MI) technique can rapidly and non-destructively acquire spin distribution images in vivo samples, and has been widely used in different scientific fields. Especially in clinical medicine, MI plays an important role in pathological research, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases because it is virtually non-destructive to the organism. However, the traditional MI technique has an induction coil as a sensor with a spatial limit above microns. It is not possible to image at the molecular scale in cells. CIQTEK QDAFM, based on the NV-centered MI in diamond, supports researchers to image ferritin in membrane-bound organelles with a high spatial resolution of ca. 10 nm.

ciqtek-qdafm-application-In situ nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritins in a single cell


In situ nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritins in a single cell

ciqtek-qdafm-application-Magnetic spin imaging of iron ions in ferritin

Magnetic spin imaging of iron ions in ferritin

Topological Magnetic Structure Characterization


Magnetic skyrmions are nanoscale vortex magnetic structures with  topological protected properties. It demonstrates a wealth of novel physical properties and provides a new platform for the study of topological spintronics. Potential future applications for high-density,  low-power,  non-volatile computing and storage devices are highly anticipated. However, the detection of individual skyrmions at room temperature remains experimentally challenging. Due to the features of high sensitivity and high resolution,  CIQTEK QDAFM  provides an answer to this long-standing magnetometry and imaging problem of reconstructing the full set of spin textures from the measured stray field using a general formalism easily applicable to all local magnetometry techniques.
Superconductors Magnetic Imaging
Microscopic studies of superconductors and their vortices play a pivotal role in under- standing the mechanisms underlying superconductivity. CIQTEK QDAFM spectrometer under cryogenic conditions demonstrates its quantitative measuring and imaging ability in the superconductor vortices study. And this technology can be expanded to more cryogenic condensed matter systems.
ciqtek-qdafm-application-Quantitative mapping of single-vortex stray magnetic fields

Quantitative mapping of single-vortex stray magnetic fields

Micro-nano Magnetic Imaging
In condensed matter physics, making sure the static spin distribution of magnetic materials is a significant physical issue. It is also the key to studying new magnetic devices. CIQTEK QDAFM spectrometer provides a new measuring approach to achieve high spatial resolution, with the unique advantages of non-invasion, covering a wide temperature range and a large magnetic field measurement range.
ciqtek-qdafm-application-Magnetic imaging of Bloch domain wall

Magnetic imaging of Bloch domain wall

Magnetic Imaging of Solid-state Matter
Many solid states exhibit unusual magnetic sequences at low temperatures. The highly sensitive properties of NV-center cover the temperature range from cryogenic to above room temperature. the cryogenic QDAFM enables nanoscale magnetic imaging, which is not possible in current condensed systems, is useful for studying magnetic phase transitions in solid states at low temperatures, and is also compatible with mechanistic studies of superconductors.M. Pelliccione et al. Scanned probe imaging of nanoscale magnetism at cryogenic temperatures with a single-spin quantum sensor. Nature Nanotechnology. 11, 700(2016)

ciqtek-qdafm-application-Magnetic Imaging of Solid-state Matter



ciqtek-qdafm-application-Magnetic Imaging of Solid-state Matter

Magnetic spin imaging of iron ions in ferritin

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