Digital Lock-in Amplifier



CIQTEK LIA001M is a high-performance lock-in amplifier that combines various functions such as lock-in amplification, virtual oscilloscope analysis, parameter scanning, demodulation plotting, and data analysis.

Based on advanced digital signal processing technology and hardware design, it can accurately and quickly detect weak signals drowned in strong noise.
It is one of the important tools for modern weak signal detection and analysis and can be used in various scientific research and industrial applications.

DC ~ 1 MHz demodulation frequency

Current and differential voltage input

100 MSa/s, 16 bit ADC sampling

Full-scale sensitivity from 1 nV to 3 V

Better than 3.1 nV/√Hz noise density

More than 120 dB dynamic reserve

Support Sine and TTL reference signal input and output

3 types of phase-locked demodulation modes: internal reference, external reference, and dual reference

Support 1/1023~1023th harmonic detection function

ciqtek-lia001m ciqtek-lia001m ciqtek-lia001m


Optical measurements, spectroscopy
Impedance measurement
Magnetic measurement
Semiconductor materials and devices


Signal Inputs (Voltage and Current)

Voltage Channel 1 (single-ended and differential)
Current Channel 1
Frequency Range 200 uHz ~ 1 MHz
Voltage Input Range ±1 mV,±3 mV,±10 mV,±30 mV,
±100 mV,±300 mV,±1 V,±3 V
Voltage Input Noise 3.1 nV/√Hz@1 kHz
Full-scale Input Sensitivity (Voltage Input) 1 nV-3 V
Current Input Range ±1 nA,±10 nA,±100 nA,±1 µA,
±10 µA,±100 µA,±1 mA,±10 mA
Current Input Noise 20 fA/√Hz@100 Hz
Full-scale Input Sensitivity (Current Input) 10 fA ~ 10 mA
Dynamic Reserve ≥120 dB

Demodulator Reference

Number of Demodulators 1 dual-phase demodulators
Reference Mode Selection Internal reference, external reference, dual reference
Harmonic detection Support (n/m)* F Harmonic measurement, (n/m)* F≤1 MHz;
Range of n (harmonics): 1 ~ 1023
Range of m (harmonics): 1 ~ 1023
Time Constant 126 ns ~ 250 s
Filter Slope (dB/oct) 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48
Other Filter Functions Sinc filter
Phase Resolution 10 udeg
Frequency Resolution 1 μHz

Auxiliary Output

Channels 4
Output Voltage Range ±10 V
Maximum Output Current 10 mA

Reference Output

Channel 1
Frequency Range 200 uHz ~ 1 MHz
Output Voltage Range ±10 mV,±100 mV,±1 V,±10 V
Signal Type Sine/TTL
Output Phase Range ±180°
Maximum Output Current 100 mA

Reference Input (Can be set to 2 auxiliary inputs)

Channels 2
Frequency Range DC ~ 1 MHz
Signal Type Sine/TTL
Input Voltage Range ±10 V

Auxiliary Input

Channels 2
Input Voltage Range ±10 V


Communication Interface LAN/1 Gbps

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