Gas Pycnometer Density Analyzer

EASY-G 1310


EASY-G 1310 is a high-precision gas pycnometer independently developed by CIQTEK, which adopts the gas displacement method.
It is favored by users for its high integration, compact size, lightweight, and high-cost performance due to the multi-sample container design. Several breakthrough technologies bring high precision and repeatable results of testing.
CIQTEK EASY-G 1310 can quickly and accurately measure the true density and porosity of various materials such as powders, bulk solids, and foams, with high test efficiency, which can be widely used in industrial production lines for rapid product quality testing.

The integrated large package module and the embedded design of the sample containers are conducive to maintaining the temperature consistency between the sample container and the gas temperature in the integrated package chamber, reducing the influence of external factors on the testing process.

Equipped with 4 sample containers of different inner diameters and capacities, which can be flexibly selected according to sample volume and characteristics; 3 sample containers are designed for more efficient and cost-effective testing.

The well-designed sample cell and other test accessories holders are convenient for small accessories storage and preservation.

The integrated design makes the whole machine compact and can be moved by one person. Meet any desktop environment.

Embedded test computer, safe and stable. The 10-inch capacitive touch screen brings the convenient control experience.


Integrated Thermostatic System

  • Large heat capacity integrated metal pipeline system to ensure uniformity and slow change of temperature throughout the test.

  • The embedded design of the sample container ensures the consistency of the sample temperature and gas temperature, avoiding the test bias introduced by temperature gradients.

  • For special samples that need to be measured at a specific temperature, the integrated thermostatic system can control the temperature on demand.

Integrated Thermostatic System

High-precision Digital Acquisition System and Calculation Model

  • The digital output pressure and temperature sensor is twice as accurate and more resistant to interference than similar products with analog output.

  • Industry-standard RS485 or RS232 communication mode. Add as many sensors as needed to the communication bus for high scalability.

  • The high-accuracy PρT gas density calculation model eliminates the calculation error caused by the non-ideal state of the actual gas and improves the test accuracy.

High-precision Digital Acquisition System and Calculation Model

Sample Anti-splash Safety Measures

  • A detachable filter is installed at the bottom of the sample container to prevent the sample from being drawn into the pipeline system.

  • By using the air intake method at the bottom of the test chamber, the sample can be effectively prevented from splashing.

  • Two-stage progressive air intake mode with software control of the intake rate to further prevent sample splashing.

Sample Anti-splash Safety Measures

Sample Cells with Different Volumes

  • The aluminum block can be filled with different volumes (fast thermal conductivity and good temperature uniformity) according to the size of the sample cell after loading to minimize free space and improve test accuracy.

  • Cylindrical sample cells of different volumes are easy for sample loading and unloading, can be flexibly selected according to the measured sample volume, and are also convenient for cleaning after use.

Sample Cells with Different Volumes

Key Performance Indicators


> Analysis method


▪ Gas expansion method, volume displacement method.


> Main function


▪ True density measurement, hard foam open/closed porosity (porosity) measurement.


> Sample number


▪ Alternate testing of three samples with four different specifications (5mL, 10mL, 35mL, 65mL) test containers; other specifications can be customized for different material testing.


> Test gas


▪ High purity He or N2 (purity 99.999%).


> Test mode


▪ Positive pressure (1 Bar-2 Bar) mode for measurement; optional external vacuum pump to realize negative pressure (0-1 Bar) mode.


> Test accuracy


▪ Test accuracy ± 0.02%, repeatability ± 0.01%, test resolution 0.0001 g/cc


> Pressure accuracy


▪ Range 0-3 Bar, accuracy of 0.05% FS, long-term stability of 0.025% FS.


> Data processing


▪ The high-precision PρT gas density calculation model is used to eliminate the calculation error caused by the actual gas due to the non-ideal state and improve the test accuracy.


> Control system


▪ Programmable logic controller system with high integration and anti-interference ability, improves instrument stability and service life; fully automated test mode, flexible selection of multiple test modes through software.


> Test control


▪ Programmable embedded system, touch screen operation, USB external keyboard and mouse operation; the computer can be connected through RS232 communication mode; software can be run on an external computer for testing at the same time, integrated operation, perfect combination with computer operation methods, providing flexible options for users.


>  Pipeline sealing


▪ The integrated piping system can effectively improve the sealing system, greatly reduce the free volume space of the base chamber and improve the test accuracy; effectively improve the temperature uniformity and anti-interference the ability of the whole test system, which is conducive to improving the repeatability of test results.


Powder Metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy

Metal powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, alumina powder, zirconia powder, etc.

Granular Sample

Granular Sample

Glass powder or granules, crystal powder or granules, etc.

Battery Industry

Battery Industry

Graphite, calcined petroleum coke.



Glass beads, floating beads, molecular sieves, etc.

Coal sample

Coal sample

Raw coal, pulverized coal, etc.



Non-volatile, non-corrosive liquids and slurries, etc.



Cement, lime, rock, etc.

Open and Closed Porosity

Open and Closed Porosity

Block or foam materials such as rigid foam, rock, etc.



Sliced bread, chicken, pork, etc.

Analysis Reports

True Density Analysis Reports

True Density Distribution Report

Ratio of the Open/Closed Porosity Analysis Reports

Open/Closed Porosity Analysis Reports

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