W-Band High-frequency EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy



CIQTEK EPR-W900 is a W-band (94 GHz) high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectrometer compatible with both continuous wave and pulsed EPR test functions. It is paired with a slit-type superconducting magnet with a maximum magnetic field of 6 T and can perform variable temperature experiments from 4-300 K.

EPR-W900 has the same software operating platform as the CIQTEK X-band EPR100, providing users with a user-friendly experience.

Compared with the traditional X-band EPR technology, high-frequency EPR has many advantages and has important applications in the fields of biology, chemistry, and materials.


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Higher g-value resolution for improved detection sensitivity on finite volume samples, overcoming large zero-field splitting energy. Enhanced directional selectivity for disordered samples. Improved electrical-nuclear dual resonance detection capability. Easy to use. Split superconducting magnets are designed for high-frequency EPR (ESR), allowing easy sample change at any temperature. Precise power conditioning of W-band microwave signals.

Functional Display

Nitrogen and oxygen radicals in starch (W-band on the left, X-band on the right)

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