Digital Delay Pulse Generator
ASG8000 series products are delay pulse generators featuring high speed, high time resolution and multiple channels. And they are widely applied in many aspects including micromagnetic resonance (NMR, ESR and ODMR), ultrasonic wave, radar, medical imaging, etc,providing  precise timing sequential control.Its time delay accuracy can reach as high as 50ps.
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Programmable Pulse Sequence

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Time Resolution of 50ps

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8 Independent Channels For Digital PulseOutput

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4GB Waveform Storage

数字延时脉冲发生器      数字延时脉冲发生器      数字延时脉冲发生器
Product Specifications

Time Resolution

50 ps (ASG8005)

1 ns (ASG8100)

2 ns (ASG8200)

4 ns (ASG8400)

Single Pulse Width Range

7.5 ns - 2.6 s (ASG8005)

1 ns - 1.6 s (ASG8100)

2 ns - 1.6 s (ASG8200)

4 ns - 1.6 s (ASG8400)

Number of Output Channels


Low-level Output Voltage

0 V

High-level Output Voltage

3.3 V


<35 ps

Output Impedance

50Ω, DC Coupling

Rising Time

<1 ns

Slew Rate

3 V/ns

Output Interface


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