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Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope (QDAFM) - Diamond III
CIQTEK QDAFM - Diamond III is a magnetic imaging instrument based on both nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond and AFM scanning imaging technology. By quantum control and readout of the spin state in the diamond probe, the magnetic property of samples is acquired quantitatively and non-invasively. With nanoscale spatial resolution and ultra-high detection sensitivity, QDAFM is an innovative technology to develop and study magnetic textures, high-density magnetic storage, and spintronics.
There are two versions: the ambient version and the cryogenic version.

High quality diamond probe


Quantitatively non-invasive magnetic imaging


High spatial resolution~ 10 nm


High magnetic field sensitivity ~1 uT/(Hz1/2)


Compatible with both ambient conditions and low temperature high vacuum


50 ps timing accuracy

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Single cell magnetic imaging
The in situ measurement of biomolecules inside a single cell is an important goal in life science. Among various imaging techniques, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique can quickly and non-destructively acquire spin distribution images in vivo. As MRI has almost no damage to organisms, it plays an important role in pathological research, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. However, the spatial resolution limit of traditional MRI is above micrometers, thus it is impossible to perform molecular-scale MRI in a cell. The researchers break the limit with QDAFM, which enables a 10 nm spatial resolution magnetic imaging of ferritins in a single cell.
Wang, P. et al. Nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritins in a single cell. Science advances 5, 8038 (2019).
资源 21584688053707

Nano magnetic imaging of ferritin in situ

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Schematic diagram of nano magnetic imaging experiment

Topological magnetic structure characterization

Magnetic skyrmions are small swirling topological defects in the magnetization texture. It exhibits rich novel physical properties and provides a new platform for studying topological spintronics. The potential applications include high-density, low-power cost and nonvolatile storage devices. However, the detection of a single skyrmion at room temperature is still challenging. Owing to the high sensitivity and high spatial resolution features, QDAFM demonstrated its ability to solve this long-standing problem by reconstructing the full set of spin textures from a measured stray field.

Dovzhenko, Y. et al. Magnetostatic twists in room-temperature skyrmions explored by nitrogen-vacancy center spin texture reconstruction. Nature Communications 9, 2712 (2018).
资源 41584688635052
Product parameters



Probe Frequency


Compatible Probe Type

Akiyama probe

Tuning fork based diamond probe

AFM Scanning Range

80×80 μm2

Confocal Scanning Range

80×80 μm2

Numerical Aperture


Magnetic Spatial Resolution

10 nm

Magnetic Sensitivity

1 μT/√Hz

Single NV Count

100 kc/s

Microwave Source

0.7 - 4.0 GHz

Pulse Control Accuracy

50 ps

Magnetic Field

10 - 500 Gauss

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