Chongqing University Launches Analysis Services using CIQTEK EPR200-PLUS Spectroscopy
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After a trial run of more than one month, the Analysis and Testing Center of Chongqing University officially launched its electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) related analysis and testing services to the society on September 6th, 2021. The EPR (ESR) spectroscopy they used, CIQTEK EPR200-Plus, is the first commercial X-band continuous wave EPR (ESR) spectrometer in China, with several self-developed core technologies and breakthroughs in key performance indicators.


Professors from the Analysis & Testing Center of Chongqing University used CIQTEK EPR Spectroscopy for testing services

EPR (ESR) technology is the only device that can directly detect the presence of unpaired electrons and can be used for the characterization of materials containing unpaired electrons, metal valence, vacancy, free radicals detection, etc. 

Based on CIQTEK EPR200-Plus, Chongqing University Analysis and Testing Center can provide analysis and testing services for scientific research in the field of environmental science, materials physics, biomedical, chemicals, industrial science, food industry, etc. The service capability and technology have also been enhanced to provide technical support and high-quality services to universities and social science institutions.


CIQTEK EPR200-PLUS at Analysis & Testing Center of Chongqing University

Chongqing University is a high-level research comprehensive university built by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Its Analysis and Testing Center is a public testing platform for large instruments and equipment open to society, dedicated to playing the role of the university-level public platform to support scientific research services.


Analysis & Testing Center of Chongqing University

CIQTEK always insists on serving scientific and technological research. In this cooperation, CIQTEK has given full play to its technical advantages to help the long-term development of scientific research platforms in universities, promote the open sharing of scientific resources, and provide effective support for the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. 

"When choosing the brand and model of EPR spectrometer, we conducted a six-month measurement sample comparison and found that the effect and service experience of CIQTEK EPR measurement was the best. After an in-depth study, we found that CIQTEK EPR spectroscopy is comparable to imported brands in many key performance indicators, and some of them are even better than others, which can meet our needs in large scientific instruments. At the same time, the rich industry application solutions and perfect after-sales service of CIQTEK also impressed us." Zhou Xiaoyuan, director of Chongqing University Analysis and Testing Center.


The CIQTEK EPR200-PLUS is designed for CW-EPR applications. It is a powerful analytical tool for routine EPR (ESR) studies. The EPR200-PLUS has excellent sensitivity performance due to the use of a low noise microwave source and a high quality-factor (Q) resonator. It is also suitable for quantitative EPR research, such as EPR dating and EPR tooth dosimetry research. It comes with several 2D operation modes where the second axis can be microwave power, time, temperature, and goniometer angle.



Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectrometer is a method to study the structure, dynamics, and spatial distribution of unpaired electronics. It can provide in-situ and non-destructive information on electron spins, orbitals, and nuclei at the microscopic scale. EPR spectrometers are particularly useful for studying metal complexes or organic radicals.

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