The 13th International Material Technology Equipment, Analytical Testing and Scientific Equipment and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Ciamite 2021), the largest professional exhibition in the field of material science in China, came to a successful conclusion at International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xiamen, China, on July 11, 2021.


CIQTEK Booth at Ciamite 2021

The exhibition relies on the "China Material Conference" (C-MRS) which is sponsored and hosted by China Materials Research Society. It's also regarded by the industry as the benchmark of "China Material Science and Technology Exhibition" and is an important platform for technical exchange and trade negotiation among industry players once a year.

The purpose of the conference is to build a communication platform for experts, scholars, professors, scientists and technologists engaged in the scientific research, relevant management departments and leaders of the government, entrepreneurs and other relevant personnel, to exchange and share the latest achievements of materials research and in the end, to reach the purpose of mutual promotion and common improvement.


CIQTEK Team at Ciamite 2021

Materials science has been one of the most important science and technology fields in the world in the past century. It is the cornerstone of the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries. It continuously promotes the progress of technological revolution, and the development of materials science is inseparable from the support of high-end scientific equipment.

At Ciamite 2021, CIQTEK brought the scanning electron microscope (SEM3100), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy (EPR200M,
EPR200PLUS, and EPR100), quantum diamond atomic force microscope (QDAFM) and other scientific equipment and related solutions to the exhibition. CIQTKE world's leading quantum precision measurement technology was also highly recognized by customers on site.


CIQTEK Booth at Ciamite 2021

At the conference, CIQTEK Marketing Director Chen Xiangan made a presentation about "When Quantum Technology Meets Materials Science - CIQTEK Products and Technology Applications".


 CIQTEK Presentation at Ciamite 2021

With the coming of the second quantum revolution, people can actively and precisely manipulate microscopic particles such as photons and atoms. The human practice of understanding and transforming the world has reached a new historical height, while quantum information technology is also facing a fierce international competitive situation. At the same time, quantum precision measurement technology is empowering all walks of life. It is foreseeable that quantum precision measurement will become the next quantum technology with mature conditions for industrialization.

The progress of scientific and technological civilization cannot be achieved without the efforts of researchers and the support of scientific instruments. It is expected that quantum precision measurement technology can empower materials science and provide more application prospects for the industry. In the future, CIQTEK will continue to base itself on the research and development of key technologies and the industrialization of scientific research results, build scientific instruments with craftsmanship, and create a better future for human beings together with customers.


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