CIQTEK Teaching Quantum Computer Delivered to America and Australia
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The 'second quantum revolution' represents a new round of scientific and technological revolution. More and more countries make quantum technology as a national strategic research.

In addition to dozens of universities and schools in China, since March 2021, several European and American universities have also gradually started cooperations with CIQTEK to introduce several high-end quantum technology instruments.


CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education


In September 2021, Stony Brook University, officially the State University of New York at Stony Brook, received a CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education. This instrument for conducting experimental teaching of modern physics and scientific research on the Nitrogen-vacancy(NV) center was independently developed and produced by CIQTEK.


Stony Brook University, New York, received CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education

"We initiated the purchase request in March 2019. Quantum computing is one of the most important courses at the Quantum Information Center. To provide students with a better understanding of quantum computing, we planed to use the CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education to provide quantum computing lab sessions for students." Eden Figueroa, director of the Quantum Information Center at Stony Brook University, described their use of the device to begin teaching the course in a combination of online and offline sessions in September 2021.


The University of Queensland, Australia, received CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education

Two leading Australian universities have also developed teaching programs based on the CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education. In order to combine with the university's quantum education program, the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T), in August 2021, University of Queensland, Australia, purchased the CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education to combine with existing quantum mechanics and quantum computing theory courses for the training of quantum talents and the teaching of quantum computing fundamentals.


In addition, Macquarie University, Australia, has also placed a purchase order with CIQTEK. A/Prof. Thomas Volzb of Macquarie University's School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences said, "We are offering a theoretical course on quantum computing in the first semester of 2022, and at the same time, a quantum computing lab course submitted by several teachers who are working on the NV-center in diamond has been approved. The purchase of the CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education is in line with the university's long-term goal of building a quantum center and meets the needs of regular lectures."

news-computerdelivery-device2 CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education


Currently, various countries around the world are actively deploying the quantum technology industry. However, there is a general shortage of quantum talents. Colleges and universities urgently need to focus on cultivating relevant talents.

news-computerdelivery-cn In December 2020, the quantum computing experimental class of Xishan Senior High School in Jiangsu Province, China was officially opened


The CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education is an instrument based on the spin magnetic resonance of NV center in diamond. By controlling basic physical quantities such as optics, electricity, and magnetism, it implements quantum manipulation and readout of NV center spins, which enables the demonstration of basic concepts of quantum computing, such as qubits, quantum gates, and quantum algorithms. It works under ambient conditions and does not need cryogenic environments, which makes the operating cost almost zero. The desktop design makes it easily adapt to classrooms, laboratories, and other environments, and carries out quantum mechanics and quantum computing experimental courses. 


Light Path Module for CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education


Various CIQTEK instruments have been delivered to hundreds of universities and enterprises worldwide, etc., such as the University of California, Berkeley, University of Mainz, Germany, Technical University Dortmund, etc. At present, in addition to the Diamond Quantum Computer for Education, other CIQTEK scientific instruments, such as Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometers, are also making their presence felt in the international market.

news-computerdelivery-qdafm CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope (QDAFM/NV-AFM)


▶ An Introduction Video to CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education

▶ CIQTEK Diamond Quantum Computer for Education: Interview with Prof. Dr. Figueroa, Stony Brook University, NY


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