CIQTEK NV-AFM (QDAFM): Pushing the Limits of Magnetic Imaging
Publish date : 2019/09/30 Views : 1112 Related products : Diamond III | Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope 

At the SPM2019 conference, CIQTEK published its brand new product NV-AFM (Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope).

NV-AFM (QDAFM) is short for Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope. It’s a magnetic imaging instrument based on both NV center in diamond and AFM scanning imaging technology. By quantum control and readout of the spin state in the diamond probe, the magnetic property of samples is acquired quantitatively and non-invasively. With nanoscale spatial resolution and ultra-high detection sensitivity, QDAFM is an innovative technology to develop and study magnetic textures and has extensive applications in nano MRI, domain wall imaging, scanning magnetometry, nanomagnetism and quantum sensing.




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