SEM5000 Delivered to the Major Platform Center of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of China

Recently, CIQTEK Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SEM5000 was delivered to the Major Platform Center of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of China and officially put into use.


SEM5000 can provide morphological observation services:


(1) For the observation of already dried tissue samples, you can directly book the use of the instrument reservation platform.


(2) Fresh tissue samples that need to be dried and processed can be fixed with fixative and then sent to the platform for sample processing.


(3) Notes on fixation of fresh tissue samples:


Samples are taken within 3 mm and fixed with glutaraldehyde (animal tissues) or FAA (plant tissues) fixative, a vacuum pump can be used to assist fixation to improve fixation efficiency. After fixation is completed, the sample is placed in a 2 ml centrifuge tube, replenished with fixative and sent to the 115 electron microscopy room.



SEM5000 Performance Characteristics 


SEM5000 is a field emission scanning electron microscope with high resolution and rich features. The advanced barrel design, high-voltage tunneling technology (SuperTunnel), low aberration magnetic leakage-free objective lens design, realizes low-voltage high-resolution imaging, while magnetic samples can be applied. Optical navigation, perfect automatic functions, well-designed human-machine interaction, optimized operation and use of the process, regardless of experience, can quickly get started to complete high-resolution shooting tasks.


  • 1、High resolution, high resolution imaging at low accelerating voltage


2、Electromagnetic complex mirrors, reducing aberrations, significantly improving resolution at low voltages and allowing observation of magnetic samples.

3、High-voltage tunneling technology (SuperTunnel), the electrons in the tunnel can maintain high energy, reducing the space charge effect, low voltage resolution is guaranteed.

4、The electron optical path has no cross, which effectively reduces the system aberration and improves the resolving power.

5、Water-cooled thermostatic objective lens to ensure the stability, reliability and repeatability of the objective lens work.

6、Magnetic deflection six-aperture adjustable diaphragm, automatic switching of diaphragm aperture without mechanical adjustment, realizing rapid switching of high-resolution observation or large-beam analysis mode.


Test Sample Display