Groundbreaking Ceremony for CIQTEK's New Base - Quantum Science Instrument Valley

On May 8, the groundbreaking ceremony of CIQTEK's new headquarter - Quantum Science Instrument Valley was held in Hefei High-Tech Zone, China, with the participation of CIQTEK CEO He Yu, and representatives of the company's employees and construction participants to witness this important moment.


Group Photos of the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Quantum Science Instrument Valley is the headquarters base of CIQTEK, which will be built as a comprehensive base integrating R&D, office, sci-tech education, support, and other functions. With a total land area of 76,000 square meters and a construction area of about 280,000 square meters, the whole area can accommodate nearly 5,000 employees.


Birds Eye View Rendering


Model Animation

CIQTEK CEO He Yu said that the new base will continue to focus on the field of high-end scientific instruments in the future, with the core of quantum precision measurement technology, market demand-oriented, the "Quantum Science Instrument Valley" to become a scientific instrument industrial transformation and industrialization base, to achieve the depth of integration of quantum sensing technology with multiple industries and areas.


Speech by CIQTEK CEO He Yu

The overall design of the base draws inspiration from CIQTEK's logo and takes "Spinning Nebula" as the design theme, with the beauty of the spinning nebula, showing the architectural style of technology, nature, and art intermingling.


Design Ideas


East View Rendering


Vally Model Animation