Global Launch! CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope at World Manufacturing Convention 2022, Hefei China
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On September 20, the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention was held in Hefei, China. At the opening ceremony, CIQTEK self-developed Quantum Diamond Microscope was released to the world, which is an advanced commercial quantum precision measurement instrument based on diamond NV center technology. It has a wide application field in semiconductors, material science, geological science, cell magnetism, in vitro diagnostics, etc. 




Conference Opening

 Conference Opening of World Manufacturing Congress 2022




Dr. He, Chairman of CIQTEK, introduced products to the visitors


CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope is a magnetic microscope based on quantum precision measurement technology. During the measurement process, the sample to be measured is pressed against the surface of the quantum sensor, and the quantum state is read out and manipulated by using the laser and microwave, which can realize quantitative and non-destructive microscopic magnetic imaging. It has the advantages of high spatial resolution, high sensitivity, non-invasive, large field of view, and fast imaging speed.



CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope

 CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope

A wide range of application fields - to help the development of advanced manufacturing

CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope has a broad application in the field of advanced manufacturing. In the semiconductor industry, with the continuous breakthrough of advanced semiconductor process technology, the chip signal detection technology is difficult to adapt to the current low-current, densely arranged chip architecture, and the high-quality development of the chip industry has encountered serious challenges. The advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity, non-invasive, and low interference to near field of the quantum diamond microscope, on the other hand, can meet the demand for functional inspection and failure analysis of chips.



Quantum precision measurement technology based on NV center in diamonds

 Quantum precision measurement technology based on NV center in diamonds


In the field of life science, it is difficult to explore the interaction of biological single molecules in high throughput by traditional means, and targeted drug development and disease diagnosis and treatment lack accurate single molecule information support. CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope can achieve high sensitivity, low background, high stability, and nondestructive detection of biomolecular interactions, and the detection sensitivity can reach a single molecule level, which largely makes up for the existing low abundance. It provides powerful technology for the study of biomolecular interactions and related high-sensitivity biomedical assays.


In addition, CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope's ultra-high detection accuracy will help us explore more unknown, help semiconductors, materials science, geological science, cell magnetism, in vitro diagnostics, and other fields of change development, to create a better future for mankind!



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