Exploring Quantum Precision Measurement - Interviewed by Xinhua News Agency

Recently, CIQTEK was invited by Xinhua News Agency to record a video interview on "Exploring Quantum Precision Measurement". CIQTEK is very honored and happy to have this opportunity to spread the knowledge of quantum technology and information to the public. 



In the interview, Frank Chen, Overseas Business Development Manager, CIQTEK, demonstrated and introduced the self-developed quantum precision measurement instruments such as the Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope (QDAFM) and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR or ESR) spectrometer.


The following is from Xinhua News Agency (or check the news here): 

"A quantum precision measurement instrument called quantum diamond atomic force microscope can achieve nanoscale high spatial resolution and single spin ultra-high detection sensitivity. Explore more about the quantum microscope with a Bangladeshi PhD student in China's Anhui.


Produced by Xinhua Global Service "