Easy But Not Simple - CIQTEK Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope SEM2000
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Manufacturing is the mainstay of the real economy, and the importance of manufacturing is being emphasized globally. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) as a powerful analytical instrument, will have a great role in improving manufacturing product innovation and product quality.


However, in practice, there are often concerns that the SEM is easily damaged, complicated to use, and takes a long time to get started, resulting in high hidden costs.


CIQTEK SEM R&D team to address this pain point, with the goal of "everyone can use" to create an "easy but not simple" tungsten filament SEM2000.

 CIQTEK Tungsten filament scanning electron microscope SEM2000CIQTEK tungsten filament scanning electron microscope SEM2000



Easy But Not Simple


SEM2000 operation interface is simple, easy to get started, durable, low failure rate and even beginners can easily use it.

SEM2000's high degree of automation, key imaging, automatic focus, automatic dispersion, and automatic contrast function, greatly simplify the steps of debugging parameters.

SEM2000 has a complete anti-collision process, which can completely avoid the sample from touching the objective lens polar shoe, secondary electronic detector, and other parts.


Below are pictures taken by a beginner using SEM2000 after a short training period.

Clear image, good contrast, and a large depth of field.









If you want to reduce the cost of use and increase the efficiency of operation.
If you have never used an electron microscope before and want to try SEM for the first time.
If you want the tool to be simpler.
Then SEM2000 will be your best choice!