CIQTEK Scanning Electron Microscope Facilitates Research on Advanced Energy Storage Materials

       Energy storage is considered to be the last step in the development of new energy, and is the key to whether new energy can play a major role and whether it can realize the goal of "carbon neutrality".


       As a new type of energy storage technology, supercapacitors, with high power density, low temperature, long cycle life, wide operating temperature range and other characteristics, can be widely used in new energy vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, as well as consumer electronics, has attracted much attention in recent years. To further improve the performance of supercapacitors, in addition to the existing technology to improve, but also to consider the development of new technologies and new materials, Shandong Advanced Electromagnetic Drive Technology Research Institute of researchers Sun has a deep and extensive research on this.



       In order to meet the demand for research on various types of energy storage materials, the group of researcher Sun introduced in October 2021 a tungsten filament scanning electron microscope (SEM) independently developed by CIQTEK. It is understood that scanning electron microscopy is an important research tool in materials science, which is mainly applied in the study of material structure, morphology, composition, properties and failure analysis. At present, the materials tested by the Institute using the CIQTEK SEM include activated carbon, metal oxides, soft carbon, hard carbon and other electrode materials. At the same time, the group also uses SEM to analyze the causes of failure of supercapacitors and battery monomers.


       "The previous electron microscope required taking a picture with a cell phone to remember the sample location before selecting the sample. The scanning electron microscope of CIQTEK has an optical navigation function, which makes it very intuitive to find the sample after it is put in. Compared with the past ele

ctron microscopes, the biggest feature of the scanning electron microscope of CIQTEK is the convenient operation and high degree of automation, all the operations can be completed through the mouse point and click, no need to operate the mouse and knob, it is convenient to move the sample and select the sample, and it is very easy to get started." Talking about the experience of using CIQTEK SEM, researcher Sun gave this example.



       This perfect automation function is suitable for students without too much experience and greatly optimizes the cost of personnel training. The good experience of using the scanning electron microscope makes researcher Sun look forward to the development of the CIQTEK scanning electron microscope.