CIQTEK Received a Thanks Banner from the MR Lab of Tsinghua University Analysis Center

In December, CIQTEK received a special gift, a thanks banner from the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of Tsinghua University Analysis Center. A thanks banner is a traditional way to show thanks and gratitude in China.


In November 2019, an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy in the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of Tsinghua University's Analysis Center failed to measure the signal. After the discussions, the team decided to ask CIQTEK team for help. As the company with advanced EPR (ESR) spectroscopy technology, CIQTEK has the strength of independent research and development of EPR (ESR) instruments and professional service & support team. After arranging for engineers to visit the site, the EPR spectroscopy in the MR lab was able to detect the signal again after troubleshooting and maintenance.



According to the feedback from the magnetic resonance laboratory of Tsinghua University Analysis Center, the same test conditions of manganese standard signal was the same as before the repair after the end of the repair and turn-on test (Figure 1); restart the instrument, the test was normal (Figure 2); adjust the field amplitude increased to five times, the signal intensity expanded to about five times (Figure 2); the manganese standard signal could be measured at different modulation frequencies. A fullerenes sample, the test is normal.

It is reported that the EPR (ESR) spectroscopy was unable to measure the signal due to the damage of the modulation field system. For such problems, the CIQTEK EPR (ESR) engineers took only 4 working days from on-site inspection to restoration of the test, which greatly relieved the testing pressure in the laboratory and met the testing needs of the students and teachers.

Since its inception, CIQTEK has been committed to helping our customers more efficiently promote the development of technology and explore the future of mankind. We take "first-class products, first-class service" as our aim, and always insist on customer first. Establishing excellent brand service is our constant pursuit.

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of Tsinghua University Analytical Center wrote in the banner, "The maintenance work of EPR spectroscopy is professional, timely and reliable, setting standards for instrument industry." CIQTEK is honored to receive such high praise, and will continue to work hard and contribute to the revitalization of the high-end scientific instrument industry.

Tsinghua University Analysis Center

The Department of Analytical Chemistry at Tsinghua University was established in 1926 as one of the key "specialties" at the beginning of the Department of Chemistry. "In 1985, Tsinghua University resumed the establishment of the Department of Chemistry, and the former Analytical Chemistry Department and Tsinghua University Analytical Center were integrated into an entity combining teaching, research, and service.

Note: Some information and images are from the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of Tsinghua University Analysis Center