CIQTEK New Electron Microscope Launch Event 2022
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On November 24, 2022, CIQTEK successfully held the new electron microscope launch event "Make the Invisible, Visible". Based on the diversified needs of users, CIQTEK launched SEM3300, which "Redefines Tungsten Filament SEM"; SEM2000, which is "Easy But Not Simple"; SEM4000, which is "Super High Beam Current, Super Fast Analysis".


 >> SEM3300

In the new product launch session, CIQTEK Vice President Feng Cao introduced three new electron microscopes in detail.

news-CIQTEK New Products Launch-sem3300
The first to be unveiled was the SEM3300, a tungsten filament scanning electron microscope, which is a perfect blend of technology and industrial design. With a resolution of 2.5 nm at 20 kV, a 16% improvement over ordinary tungsten filament electron microscopy, a resolution of 4 nm at 3 kV, a 2-fold improvement, and a resolution of 5 nm at 1 kV, a 3-fold improvement, the SEM3300 has significantly surpassed ordinary tungsten filament electron microscopy in all voltage bands, redefining the industry standard for tungsten filament scanning electron microscopy.

Take the diaphragm material in lithium batteries as an example, the details of the conventional tungsten filament electron microscopy are blurred and unclear (Figure a below), while the diaphragm pictures taken by SEM3300, the diaphragm pores are clearly visible and the edges of the pores are sharp (Figure b below).


news-CIQTEK New Products Launch-sem-Figure a

Figure a: Li-ion battery septum photographed by conventional tungsten filament electron microscopy, with blurred details.


news-CIQTEK New Products Launch-sem-Figure b

Figure b: SEM3300 photographed lithium battery diaphragm, diaphragm pores clearly visible, sharp edge of the hole.


ciqtek sem3300


>> SEM2000

Tungsten filament SEM2000 is a product that is not fussy in its operation. It is built with the goal that everyone is able to use it, with a simple interface and rich expandability. If you want a simpler tool, SEM2000 will be your best choice.

news-CIQTEK New Products Launch-sem2000sem2000


>> SEM4000

The Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SEM4000 is a new product for analytical users' needs. It features a high electron beam current and fast analysis speed, with a maximum electron beam current of over 200 nA and continuously adjustable beam size, which facilitates the selection of the most suitable imaging and energy spectrum conditions.

news-CIQTEK New Products Launch-sem4000



Make achievements for customers, make achievements for peers

Dr. Yu He, CEO of CIQTEK, expressed his gratitude to all the guests for their care and support of CIQTEK in his speech. Dr. Yu He said, CIQTEK engraved innovation in its genes, put customers in its heart, insisted on pragmatic innovation with "no compromise", and developed the new product SEM3300 which redefines the industry standard of tungsten filament electron microscope, allowing the tool to return to the tool itself so that users can better rest assured in scientific research.

news-CIQTEK New Products Launch-sem-heyu

At the end of the conference, CIQTEK Vice President Wan Legend announced the winners of the "Watch Live, Get a Free Electron Microscope (One Year Access)" event. Mr. Zhou from the Nanning branch of the Guilin University of Technology won the grand prize of one-year free access to the CIQTEK electron microscope.

At present, the importance of manufacturing is emphasized globally. SEM, as a powerful analytical instrument, will have a great role in enhancing the innovation ability and product quality of manufacturing products. Since the launch of the first scanning electron microscope in 2019, CIQTEK has continued to study industry pain points with precision and deepen core technologies to help customers explore the unknown world more efficiently with quality products and services.