CIQTEK at the Intermag Conference IEEE International Magnetics Conference 2023, Sendai, Japan

Intermag Conference IEEE International Magnetics Conference 2023


Period: 2023.05.15-05.19
Location: Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan




 About Intermag 2023


INTERMAG 2023 is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society and the Magnetics Society of Japan. 


INTERMAG is the premier international conference on all aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism. Members of the scientific and engineering communities are invited to attend and to contribute to the technical sessions. The technical program will consist of oral and poster presentations, invited talks and symposia, tutorial sessions and exhibits.



Meet Us at the Booth #19

CIQTEK will be hosted by our partner LAS at: Booth: #19
Come to meet us to learn more about the Quantum Diamond AFM.
See you at the "City of Green", Sendai, Japan!


>> Check the CIQTEK products on the LAS website:






CIQTEK QDAFM: Check here


CIQTEK QDAFM is a scanning NV center microscope based on diamond nitrogen-vacancy center (NV center) and AFM scanning magnetic imaging technology. The magnetic properties of the sample are obtained quantitatively and non-destructively by quantum control and readout of the spin state in the diamond probe.

Based on the NV diamond magnetometry and quantum mechanics, QDAFM has nanoscale spatial resolution and ultra-high detection sensitivity and can be used to develop and study magnetic textures, high-density magnetic storage, and spintronics.


* There are two versions: ambient version and cryogenic version.