CIQTEK to Attend the VI EMR Forum 2022 in Szczecin, Poland

CIQTEK is honored to sponsor the VI EMR Forum 2022 in Szczecin, Poland, and will give an online presentation during the conference opening. After the event, a replay (a record) of the presentation will be posted on the CIQTEK website.

The Forum is organized every two years by academic centers engaged in research in the field of Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR). The EMR Forum was created by the Polish EMR Group in order to integrate the EMR (EPR/ESR) community and broaden the knowledge in this area. The participants of the Forum present the results of multifrequency magnetic resonance studies from various fields of science.

In 2022 proceedings will be held in the hall of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland. >> Check Event Website

Polish EMR Group [PEMRG] exists since 20th May 2010, when at the Inaugural Meeting held during the First Forum EMR-PL in Rzeszów, Poland, a decision was undertaken to transform the Polish EPR Society [PEPRS] based on the newly devised principles. An informal membership in the PEMRG has been extended to all persons involved in the broader subject of EMR (EPR/ESR) research.

19th to 22nd September 2022
Szczecin, Poland

CIQTEK - VI EMR Forum 2022

CIQTEK EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy

Originating from the Key Laboratory of Microscopic Magnetic Resonance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the University of Science and Technology of China, CIQTEK has been deeply engaged in the field of high-end scientific instruments such as electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy for more than ten years, and has now launched a comprehensive X-band series for commercial use, and has successfully advanced to W-band high-frequency EPR (ESR) spectroscopy. 

EPR (ESR) spectroscopy is a method to study the structure, dynamics, and spatial distribution of unpaired electronics. It can provide in-situ and non-destructive information on electron spins, orbitals, and nuclei at the microscopic scale. They are particularly useful for studying metal complexes or free radicals.  


Most Popular: 

The CIQTEK benchtop EPR200M features high sensitivity, high accuracy, and high stability; integrated instrument control software, data processing software, and spectrum fitting software; supports manual and automated tuning; built-in specimen for accurate g-value determination and quantitative EPR (ESR) measurement, and can be equipped with multifunctional accessories such as variable temperature measurement, automatic corner turner, and in-situ illumination. 

The EPR200M provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance, simple, and easy-to-use experience for every EPR (ESR) experiment user. Notably, the EPR200M requires no on-site installation, only online service to solve all installation and adjustment problems.


CIQTEK benchtop EPR200M