March 10-13,  2022

2022 Industrial Wastewater Advanced Oxidation Technology Upgrade, New Equipment Application Exchange Seminar - Hangzhou, China

The conference was organized by China Industrial Environmental Protection Network, and focused on practically advanced oxidation technology and technical solutions for industrial wastewater pollution control, with extensive interaction and communication on the hot spots and difficulties arising from the application of "advanced oxidation technology" in various fields.


April 20, 2022

DOJINDO Chemistry EPR (ESR) Lectures - Webinar      

The webinar, jointly organized by DOJINDO and CIQTEK, focused on the development and detection principle of EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) and discussed the topics of the selection of free radicals trapping agents (DMPO\BMPO\TEMP), the differences between qualitative and quantitative instruments, EPR spectrum analysis, and EPR applications in the field of ferroptosis.



May 12-13, 2022

2022 National Online Communication Conference on Advanced Magnetic Materials - Webinar 

The conference aims to exchange the latest achievements in the field of advanced magnetic materials and strengthen the exchange and cooperation among magnetic material enterprises and research institutes in China, Asia, and even the world in the fields of production, learning, research, and applications.




June 6-10, 2022

The International RSC ESR Meeting 2022 St Andrews, Scotland

CIQTEK sponsored the 55th Royal Society of Chemistry International EPR Conference, held at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, UK. The conference is the longest running electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy conference in the world and this year it attracted over 138 academics and industrial visitors from around the world. The technical program included invited talks by leading researchers, and multiple orals and poster sessions during the week. As before, it also hosted events to award and encourage the best student presentations. CIQTEK highlighted its EPR spectroscopy series and quantum diamond atomic force microscopy (QDAFM) at the conference.

News Link: CIQTEK to attend the International RSC ESR 2022 in St Andrews, Scotland

CIQTEK-Sponsored RSC ESR 2022 Meeting Came to a Big Success



June 30-July 2, 2022

CNRS Thematic School 2022 (Magnetism & Magnetic Resonances) Toulouse, France

CIQTEK is pleased to sponsor the fourth CNRS thematic school 2022 of the Magnetism and Magnetic Resonances from the Physical Chemistry Division (DCP) of the French Chemical Society (SCF) in Toulouse, France. The program includes Magnetometry, NMR, EPR (ESR) and Mossbauer spectroscopies from basic to advanced concepts and techniques. All lectures are given during 4 half-days and 1 full day will be dedicated to practical sessions combined to spectral analyses and tutorials.

News Link: CIQTEK to Sponsor CNRS Thematic School 2022 (Magnetism & Magnetic Resonances) in Toulouse, France



June 30-July 2, 2022

The 9th International Symposium on Cold Atom Physics Quanzhou, China

The symposium was held in Quanzhou, Fujian, China, hosted by the Atomic Molecular Physics Committee of the Chinese Physical Society and organized by the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. CIQTEK attended the conference and introduced the solutions and products in the field of cold atomic physics.

News Link: CIQTEK at the 9th International Symposium on Cold Atom Physics, Quanzhou, China


July 5-8, 2022

The 18th National Symposium on Low Temperature Physics - Ganzhou, China

The symposium, sponsored by the Committee of Low-Temperature Physics of the Chinese Physical Society, is the highest level academic conference in low-temperature physics in China. It provides a platform for theoretical and experimental scientists engaged in related research to discuss new trends in developing low-temperature physics. The topics include quantum gases, quantum fluids, quantum solids, and related macroscopic quantum phenomena; superconductivity, quantum phase transitions, etc.; spintronics, multiferroic material properties, etc.; properties of low-dimensional materials and nanodevices, quantum computing, low-temperature experimental techniques and applications, etc.



July 15-17, 2022

The 6th National Congress of Magnetic Materials and Devices Hangzhou, China

Organized by the National Materials and Devices Network, the conference focuses on scientific research results and cutting-edge exploration of basic research and technology applications in magnetism, design and computational simulation of magnetic materials and devices, electromagnetic wave shielding and absorbing materials, superconducting thin film materials and superconducting electronic devices, low-dimensional and nano-magnetic materials, topological magnetism and spintronics physics-materials and devices, polymer magnetic materials, high-performance information storage materials and devices, smart sensor materials and sensing technology, magnetic measurement technology-devices and standards, etc.




July 15-18, 2022

The 8th Carbon Catalysis Conference Yinchuan, China

The 8th Carbon Catalysis Conference 2022 was held in Yinchuan, China from July 15-18, hosted by the Energy Particle Materials Committee of the Chinese Society of Particuology. The conference was organized in a combination of online and offline formats, and the number of real-time participants reached more than 35,000. CIQTEK presented carbon material characterization services and solutions such as gas adsorber and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy at the conference.

News Link: CIQTEK Carbon-Based Material Characterization Services at the 8th Carbon Catalysis Conference


July 22-31, 2022

Summer 2022 (7th) Advanced Seminar on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy - Hefei, China

The seminar is hosted by University of Science and Technology of China, Key Laboratory of Microscopic Magnetic Resonance, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Application Demonstration Center for Independently Developed Scientific Instruments, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and co-organized by CIQTEK, Magnetic Resonance Technology Consortium, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Journal of Spectroscopy. The lectures are given by Prof. Dr. Jihu Su, a well-known Chinese expert in the field of EPR. Prof. Dr. Su optimizes and upgrades the course according to his latest textbook "Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Principles and Applications", and conducts targeted seminars and exchanges with the participants. At the same time, each participant can bring a sample to test with CIQTEK EPR spectroscopy and receive face-to-face guidance from Prof. Dr. Su.

News Link: Notice of Summer 2022 (7th) Advanced Seminar on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (



July 25-29, 2022

The 61st Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance - Copper Mountain, Colorado, United States

The conference is endorsed by the Colorado Section – American Chemical Society and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy. The RMCMR features symposia on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and Solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SSNMR). Barnett Technical Services represented CIQTEK at the conference and presented the CIQTEK EPR spectroscopy.

news-BTS-Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance


July 25-29, 2022

The 11th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry - Environmental Free Radical Chemistry Session Harbin, China

With the theme of Innovating Environmental Sciences, Low-carbon Protecting Environment & Health, the conference will feature more than 50 sessions in the fields of environmental analysis, public health, environmental safety, pollution control, remediation technology, green low-carbon, etc. The conference will hold several sessions of cutting-edge technology training and meeting with editors-in-chief, invite instrument and environmental protection companies to exhibit, and organize academic activities such as paper presentations, postgraduate forums, and meeting with editors-in-chief.

News Link: CIQTEK EPR Spectroscopy at the 11th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry (NCEC)




August 2-5, 2022

The 3rd National Conference on Organic Free Radicals Chemistry of the Chinese Chemical Society - Wuhan, China

The conference is organized by the Chinese Chemical Society and co-organized by Huazhong Normal University and Wuhan University, with the following five themes: 1) new methods and strategies for free radicals generation; 2) new reactions involving free radicals; 3) asymmetric synthetic chemistry of free radicals; 4) mechanistic studies related to free radicals reactions; 5) applications of free radicals reactions in synthesis. The conference provides a platform for chemists engaged in free radicals chemistry to present their latest research results and to strengthen the connection and cooperation among researchers.




August 14-16, 2022

The 4th Energy and Environment Catalysis Conference - Changsha, China

The conference is organized by the Beijing Indoor and Vehicle Environment Purification Association of China and co-organized by the Energy Chemistry Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society. The conference covers energy electrocatalysis, energy photocatalysis, environmental photocatalysis, energy storage materials, biomass energy catalysis, environmental thermal catalysis, etc.




August 19-20, 2022

The 2nd Workshop for Young Scholars on Low-Dimensional Quantum Materials and Synchrotron Radiation Characterization - Hefei, China

The conference aims to provide a platform for young scholars engaged in the preparation, characterization, regulation, and device applications of low-dimensional quantum materials to communicate and collaborate. The content covers the preparation and physical properties tuning of various low-dimensional quantum materials such as functional oxide thin films, two-dimensional materials, multiferroic materials, and the application of advanced techniques such as synchrotron radiation and microscopic characterization in the research of low-dimensional quantum materials.




August 21-25, 2022

The 9th National Conference on Coordination Chemistry of the Chinese Chemical Society - Zhengzhou, China

The conference is co-organized by the Committee on Inorganic Chemistry of the Chinese Chemical Society and Zhengzhou University. It invites famous scientists and outstanding young and middle-aged scholars in the field of coordination chemistry to participate in academic exchanges, and presents new directions and progresses in coordination chemistry and related research fields in recent years through conference presentations, keynote presentations, invited presentations, oral presentations and poster sessions.




August 21-26, 2022

The 15th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media 2022 (MRPM15) - Hangzhou, China

The conference focuses on the latest exploration of magnetic resonance spectroscopy, relaxation, diffusion, imaging, and other technologies in different systems such as materials, petroleum, chemical, biomedical, etc. Famous scholars in the field of magnetic resonance are invited to present the latest advances and trends in the field of magnetic resonance. In addition, the GC Bogia Award and Poster Award are presented at the conference.




August 26-28, 2022

The 6th "Elite Youth Forum" of the Chinese Chemical Society - Lanzhou, China

This conference is co-organized by the Youth Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and Lanzhou University to encourage young chemists to conduct original research, enhance the connection and cooperation among young scholars, conduct academic exchanges and discussions on the latest research results and development frontiers of chemistry and related disciplines, showcase and review the new achievements and progress made by young chemists in their respective research fields in recent years, and look forward to the future development trends of chemistry.



August 26-29, 2022

The First Energy Chemistry Youth Forum of the Chinese Chemical Society - Qingdao, China

The conference was co-organized by the Energy Chemistry Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and the Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on presenting new ideas and achievements of young scholars in the field of energy chemistry, further promoting the spirit of the old generation of scientists, advancing the heritage and development of energy chemistry, and promoting mutual exchanges among young scholars. A total of 255 papers were received and nearly 400 people registered online for the conference. The papers covered four fields, including carbon-based energy chemistry, photovoltaic energy conversion and utilization, hydrogen energy chemistry, and electrochemical energy storage.




September 19-22, 2022

VI EMR Forum 2022 Szczecin, Poland

CIQTEK is honored to sponsor the VI EMR Forum 2022 in Szczecin, Poland, and gives an online presentation during the conference. The Forum is organized every two years by academic centers engaged in research in the field of Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR). The EMR Forum was created by the Polish EMR Group in order to integrate the EMR (EPR/ESR) community and broaden the knowledge in this area. The participants of the Forum present the results of multifrequency magnetic resonance studies from various fields of science.

In 2022 proceedings is held in the hall of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland.

News Link: CIQTEK to attend the VI EMR Forum 2022 in Szczecin, Poland

VI EMR Forum




September 20-23, 2022

World Manufacturing Convention 2022 Hefei, China

The theme of this year's conference is "Build the World, Create the Future", exploring the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The conference will hold a keynote forum, pavilion tour, special events, parallel forums, and other kinds of activities, around the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, new materials, and other emerging industries, release a number of new technologies, new products, fully demonstrate the results of manufacturing innovation and development.

News Link: Global Launch! CIQTEK Quantum Diamond Microscope at World Manufacturing Convention 2022




September 27-30, 2022

Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance 2022 - Milan, Italy

CIQTEK is happy to sponsor and attend the upcoming Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance 2022 jointly organized by the GIDRM and GERM in Milan, Italy. The conference is held at the UNIVERSITY OF MILANO BICOCCA (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca). Experts and scholars from different fields of magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) are attend the conference.

The Italian Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group (GIDRM) aims to contribute to the development, coordination and dissemination of teaching and research activities concerning all sectors of magnetic resonance.

News Link: CIQTEK to Attend the Upcoming Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance 2022

Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance 2022



October 16-19, 2022

Annual Meeting of Chinese Geoscience Union 2022 (CGU 2022) - fuzhou, China

To further strengthen the exchange of the latest academic achievements in the field of geosciences, the "Joint Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Geosciences" is co-sponsored by the Chinese Geophysical Society, the Organizing Committee of the National Symposium on Petrology and Geodynamics, the Committee of Tectonic Geology and Geodynamics of the Chinese Geological Society, and the Committee of Regional Geology and Ore Formation of the Chinese Geological Society.



November 4-7, 2022

The 12th Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium (APES 2022) - Webinar      

CIQTEK is happy to sponsor the APES 2022. The symposium this year is an online event for international speakers and participants, a new start for Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Society in the post-epidemic era. Besides, Dr. Zhifu Shi from CIQTEK will give a speech on "Introduction to EPR spectrometers of CIQTEK" at 17:25-17:45 (UTC+8), on Nov. 4th. 

> APES2022 in Zoom Meeting:
> Zoom No.:873 6095 4158
> Passwords:apes2022



November 8-10, 2022

The 61st Annual Meeting of the NMR Society of Japan 2022 - Kochi city, Kochi, Japan

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Society of Japan was established based on the NMR meeting in Japan, which has been annually held as a forum for NMR researchers since 1961. The aims of the Society are to promote the basic and applied research on NMR as well as enlightenment and educate the field of NMR spectroscopy. It performs annually a necessary academic meeting and the publication of the bulletin, and other services for the achievement.
CIQTEK is hosted by our new partner LAS at the booth in the Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall. Come to meet us and learn about the EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy and Quantum Diamond AFM, and explore why our solutions can help you achieve your research goals.
News Link: CIQTEK at the 61st Annual Meeting of the NMR Society of Japan 2022



November 17-20, 2022

The 17th Brazilian Conference on Magnetic Resonance / Mini-courses in NMR - Fortaleza, Brazil 

The conference will be held in person, in Fortaleza, from November 21 to 25, 2022. The mini-courses will be held at the Federal University of Ceará, on November 21, and the XVII Journey will be held at the Hotel Vila Galé Fortaleza, CE, from November 22 to 25, 2022.
CIQTEK is hosted by our partner dpUNION. It will be a great pleasure to see you in November in Fortaleza, at the XVII Brazilian Conference on Magnetic Resonance / NMR Minicourses!
News Link: CIQTEK at the 17th Brazilian Conference on Magnetic Resonance / Mini-courses in NMR



November 21-25, 2022

Chinese Physical Society 2022 Fall Meeting - Shenzhen, China

CPS Fall Meeting is an annual academic conference organized by the Chinese Physical Society. The CPS Fall Meeting is the largest and most comprehensive academic event in the Chinese physics community, with over 5000 participants.




Time to be determined

Academic Forum on Quantum Materials and Devices 2022

The 22nd Annual National Conference on Wave Spectroscopy

International Symposium on Frontiers of Magnetism and Spintronics in Quantum Materials 2022 (Q3MS 2022)

The 3rd Frontier Crossover International Forum on Emerging Functional Materials and Devices

2022 National Symposium on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

The 19th National Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

The 12th National Conference on Magnetic Thin Films and Nanomagnetism

The 19th National Youth Catalysis Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society