CIQTEK Successfully Held Annual Year-end Party 2023

On January 18, CIQTEK annual year-end party 2023 was successfully held. The main venue in Hefei and all the CIQTEK team in the five sub-venues across China reviewed the exciting 2022 and looked forward to the new 2023.


 2023 Annual Year-end Party



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Looking back on 2022, CIQTEK CEO Dr. Yu He presented a series of bright results and detailed case studies. He said, "Helping customers achieve value" is our reason for existence, and "helping peers achieve value" is our fundamental approach.


Dr. Yu He, CEO of CIQTEK, shared the value of CIQTEK

In 2022, CIQTEK released the Quantum Diamond Microscope, a quantum precision measurement instrument, the SEM3300, which redefines the tungsten filament scanning electron microscope, and the new gas adsorption series, which leads the industry benchmark, and other high-end scientific instruments.


In 2022, CIQTEK's measurement and control products were delivered to over 500 customers, and the application center measured samples for customers more than 8,000 times.

Meanwhile, It successfully held the first "Quantum Science and Technology Festival", "CIQTEK Forum" and other innovative activities.


In 2022, CIQTEK won the first batch of the National Innovation Base of Metrology Culture and Science Education, the first prize in the Science and Technology Progress Award of Anhui Province, and the first prize of the Postdoctoral Research Station of Anhui Province, and other 16 qualification awards.


In 2023, we will be fearless and going forward!

In 2023, we will not forget our original intention to sense the world with quantum technology!

In 2023, we will live up to every choice and bring good products, good service, and a good platform to every fellow traveler!