The 8th Carbon Catalysis Conference 2022 was held in Yinchuan, China from July 15-18, hosted by the Energy Particle Materials Committee of the Chinese Society of Particuology. The conference was organized in a combination of online and offline formats, and the number of real-time participants reached more than 35,000. CIQTEK presented carbon material characterization services and solutions such as gas adsorber and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR or ESR) spectroscopy at the conference.


Conference Opening Ceremony

With the theme of "Green Development of Carbon Catalysis and Carbon Materials Industry, " the conference focused on the latest research results and frontier hot spots in the carbon catalysis and carbon materials field. The conference was divided into four sessions: "Clean Energy and Energy Conversion", "Carbon Based Materials Preparation and Low Carbon Production Technology", "Green Carbon Catalysis Process" and "C1 and Energy Carbon Catalysis". More than 350 experts and scholars from universities, research institutes, and enterprises gathered to discuss and exchange ideas.


Question & Answer Session at the Conference


Group Photo of the Conference

Catalyst materials based on carbon-based catalysis can meet the strict requirements of modern society for green, environmental protection, and sustainable development of the chemical industry, which has become one of the emerging hot research directions in the fields of chemistry, chemical, and materials. During the conference, CIQTEK displayed high-end scientific instruments such as surface and pore size analyzer and benchtop EPR (ESR) spectroscopy EPR200M, bringing the solution of carbon-based material characterization to the attendees.

CIQTEK Fully automatic specific surface and pore size analyzer series adopt the principle of static volume method measurement to provide the specific surface and pore size distribution analysis method for carbon-based materials. The specific surface area and pore size distribution are used to study the catalytic activity of catalysts, which has a wide range of applications in the fields of chemistry, materials, and industry. The product has many advantages such as high testing efficiency, accurate results, high-cost performance, and easy-to-learn automated operation.


CIQTEK Automatic Specific Surface and Pore Size Analyzer

The performance of catalysts is inextricably linked to their structural properties, and catalytic processes involving radicals and transition metal valence changes also require characterization tools. EPR (ESR) spectroscopy is the only wave spectroscopy technique that can directly detect and study paramagnetic substances containing unpaired electrons and is the best way to detect short-lived radicals, transition metals, rare earth metals, and other paramagnetic substances generated in the catalytic process.

CIQTEK benchtop EPR (ESR) spectroscopy EPR200M provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance and simple, and easy-to-use experience for every user on the basis of meeting high sensitivity, high stability, and a variety of experimental scenarios. It has a wide range of applications in environmental science, material physics, chemical chemistry, biomedical, food, and other fields.


CIQTEK benchtop EPR200M