CIQTEK Participates in 2023 Annual Beijing Electron Microscopy Conference, Beijing, China

On February 26, the 2023 Beijing Annual Conference of Electron Microscopy was successfully held in Beijing, hosted by the Electron Microscopy Professional Committee of the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Technology Society. CIQTEK was invited to attend this conference to show the latest achievements of SEM, which received an enthusiastic response.



2022 Annual Beijing Electron Microscopy Conference Site


This conference aims to promote the academic and technical level of electron microscopy in Beijing and surrounding provinces and cities at large, to promote the application, development and communication of electron microscopists in the fields of materials science and life science, etc. Many experts and scholars are invited to make advanced electron microscopy presentations.


In the report, the application expert of CIQTEK shared "the latest progress of Scanning Electron Microscope".


The SEM3300 is a new generation of tungsten filament scanning electron microscope with a resolution better than 2.5 nm and a special electronic circuit design that breaks through the resolution limit of tungsten filament and 5 nm at a low voltage of 1 kV. Excellent image quality, high resolution images can be obtained in different fields of view. Large depth of field for stereoscopic images. Extensive scalability to help you explore the world of microscopic imaging.



SEM5000 adopts advanced barrel design, high voltage tunneling technology (SuperTunnel), low aberration non-leakage magnetic objective design, to achieve low-voltage high-resolution imaging, while magnetic samples can be applied. Optical navigation, perfect automatic functions, well-designed human-machine interaction, optimized operation and use process, regardless of experience or not, you can quickly get started with high-resolution shooting tasks.


Currently, CIQTEK has launched three tungsten filament SEMs and two field emission SEMs.