Near Bit-based Coal Seam Construction Operation
Updated 2022-07-22

In January 2022, the CatLiD-I 675 near-bit follow-on measurement system provided by CIQTEK-QOILTECH achieved a successful operation well in the Linxingzhong gas field located at the transition location between the Yishaan slope and the Jinxi flexural fold zone in the Ordos Basin, which was well recognized by the related parties.

The lithology of the top and bottom of the seam of the target layer of this well is mainly mudstone and carbonaceous mudstone. The coal seam is buried at a large depth, and there are fewer reference data available in the surrounding wells. The coal seam section is prone to wall collapse and well leakage, downhole stuck drilling, buried drilling, and other complicated accidents. Moreover, the well slope adjustment is large due to landing advance.

The CIQTEK-QOILTECH CatLiD-I 675 near bit was picked up from 2208m and the retest curve matched the upper instrumentation, providing data for guidance to provide an accurate landing point.


When landing, due to the advancement of the coal seam, the trajectory goes down to the bottom of the coal seam, and the gamma curve of the near bit measures the complete curve pattern of the coal seam from the top to the bottom, which provides a basis for judging the position of the borehole trajectory inside the coal seam later.

The gamma curve change of near bit in drilling is obvious with high resolution, and accurately judge the position in and out of coal seam and within coal seam. The accurate change of the value of gangue in the coal seam can effectively determine the location of the trajectory, which improves the drilling encounter rate and smoothness of the borehole trajectory.

photo-with-custmersCustomer Recognition of CatLiD-I 675 Near Drill

The service section of this well is 2208-3208m, with cumulative footage of 1000m and a drilling encounter rate of 91.7%; a trip to drill to completion depth, with a cumulative downhole time of 168 hours, 53.5 hours of pure drilling, and an average mechanical drilling speed of 18.69m/h, which greatly shortens the drilling cycle!

The on-site crews of CIQTEK-QOILTECH and related teams worked together to shorten the drilling cycle, increase the drilling encounter rate, reduce the risk, and finally received high praise from everyone! The CIQTEK-QOILTECH CatLiD-I 675 near-bit measurement system is a perfect completion.

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