Case Analysis

Quantum computing relies on properties of quantum mechanics to compute problems that would be out of reach for classical computers. 

  • High fidelity quantum control

    By using microwave pulses, we can control the NV center spin state, thus forming a quantum logic gate. The fidelity of a single qubit quantum logic gate can reach 99.99% by a sophisticated designed pulse sequence. This keeps the record of the single-qubit gate fidelity, and it has reached the fault-tolerance threshold.

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  • Quantum algorithm

    The Quantum algorithm makes use of the basic properties of quantum mechanics, such as coherent superposition, parallelism, entanglement, measurement collapse, etc. These pure physical properties bring great help to the improvement of computation efficiency. Many quantum algorithms, such as the D-J algorithm and the quantum factorization algorithm have been demonstrated using NV center qubits, which is an important step towards the realization of room-temperature quantum computers.

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