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CIQTEK is a high-tech enterprise with quantum precision measurement as the core technology. It is devoted to providing product and service to enterprises, governments, and research institutions around the world, including core devices represented by enhanced quantum sensors, advanced instruments and equipment for analysis and test, technical solutions for enabling industry applications, etc. We are dedicated to helping customers develop technology and explore the future of humanity in the areas of advanced materials, semiconductors, quantum science, life technology, medicine and clinical research.
EPR100 | X-Band Pulsed EPR Spectroscopy
EPR100 | X-Band Pulsed EPR Spectroscop...
The CIQTEK EPR100 is a highly versatile X band pulse electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, it has high performance in pulse formation and data acquisition by the high precision control and readout system developed by CIQTEK, and is widely used in the research experiment of general electron spin echo detection, ESEEM, 2D-HYSCORE, ELDOR, pulsed-ENDOR, and laser triggered experiments.
EPR200-PLUS | X-Band CW-EPR Spectroscopy
EPR200-PLUS | X-Band CW-EPR Spectrosco...
Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy is a method for studying materials paramagnetic species. EPR spectroscopy is particularly useful for studying metal complexes or organic radicals. EPR200-Plus is designed for CW-EPR applications. It is a powerful analytical tool for routine EPR research. EPR200-Plus has excellent sensitivity performance due to the use of a low-noise microwave source and high-Q resonator. It is also suitable for quantitative EPR research, such as EPR(ESR) dating and EPR tooth dosimetry research. It features several 2D operation modes where the 2nd axis can be microwave power, time, temperature, and goniometer angle.
CIQTEK Magnetic Microscope with Nanoscale Resolution
Diamond Quantum Computer for Education
Diamond Quantum Computer for Education
CIQTEK Quantum Computing Instrument for Education
EPR200M | Benchtop EPR (ESR) Spectroscopy
EPR200M | Benchtop EPR (ESR) Spectrosc...
The CIQTEK EPR200M is a portable and easy-to-use desktop electron paramagnetic resonance (also known as electron spin resonance) spectrometer with an economical, low-maintenance, and friendly experience for performing EPR (ESR) tests and experiments. EPR (ESR) is a method to detect and study unpaired electrons. The ESR and EPR instruments are widely used in research experiments such as electron spin echo and free radicals detection, ESEEM, 2D-HYSCORE, ELDOR, pulsed ENDOR, and laser triggered experiments.
CIQTEK SEM3100 - Tungsten Filament Based Scanning Electron Microscope
CIQTEK SEM3100 - Tungsten Filament Bas...
The CIQTEK SEM3100 is a cost-effective tungsten filament scanning electron microscope for the observation of nanoscale microstructures. It has a magnification of up to 300,000x and a resolution better than 3nm and is also equipped with a 370mm diameter sample chamber.
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